Our Mission

AspireMed was set up by a group of motivated medical students, with a passion to inspire and empower individuals to fulfill their potential. 

Recognising a distinct scarcity of information on a career in healthcare, we appreciate the difficulties students face in applying to university with little support or guidance. 

We hope to make information and support available to all those who wish to apply, so that everyone has a fair chance to realise their dreams and forge the beginnings of a rewarding career.

Personal Statement

The personal statement will form a small part of your application and is used to demonstrate experience and skills that will prepare you for a career in medicine.

We hope to provide you with an insight into the qualities that universities look for, and ways to cultivate this experience well in advance of when you come to apply.


The UCAT and BMAT are standardised tests that you will need to take alongside your UCAS applicaton. 

As medicine is extremely popular with applicants far outnumbering spaces, universities resort to these to select for the most eligible candidates. Performing well on these tests is often a prerequisite for interview. 

Starting early and adequate preparation is essential.


The final stage of your application process. This can feel extremely daunting, however remember now the worst is behind you. 

Interviewers want to see someone who is enthusiastic and willing to learn. Prior preparation again is key.

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